The furniture of HM Furniture Manufactory
- why is it better than others?

We make every effort to ensure superior quality in our products, not only when they are new but also through many years of extensive usage.

10 reasons why our furniture is better than others: 

  1. Every piece of furniture is hand-made using traditional methods of carpentry and upholstery. Nothing is fabricated cheaply or stored in stock— each piece is made to fulfill a specific order, with the highest quality in mind.  

  2. Each furniture item is crafted with plywood, oak, and beech, to ensure that it is durable, stable, and resistant to cracking, creaking, and deformation over long periods of time.

  3. We use exclusively wood that has been naturally seasoned for 5 to 7 years, which ensures that it is stable as well as impervious to shrinkage, expansion, and cracking.

  4. Our seats use wavy or bonell springs 0.8 mm thicker than those of other manufacturers—these are uniquely resistant to deformation, and remain springy and comfortable even after years of use. 

  5. Our furniture uses high and fat foam to guarantee that seating is soft and comfortable even after intensive usage.  

  6. Cushions used in sofas and armchairs use down feathers as an insert, which do not clump and ensure that pillows do not deform with use. Our cushion fillers are designed and manufactured specifically to best serve and endure their intended use.  

  7. Chair seats use traditional upholstery for their bottom instead of more commonly used hard wooden boards. Furniture made using this method is not only much more comfortable but above all much more durable.

  8. Furniture legs are made of stainless steel, ensuring that they do not rust. 

  9. We only use top quality upholstery that is based on natural fabrics and dyes, made in British and Italian manufacturies using weaving methods from 70 years ago. For demanding interiors we use state-of-the-art dirt-repellent fabrics manufactured using nanotechnology.

  10. Upholstery is sewn using special threads made of stable, fatigue-resistant, and extremely durable, continuous polyester fibers. Stitches in our furniture are specially protected against soiling.