Made in Małopolska" is the title that has been given to us - and in fact, the furniture we produce - by the Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Voivodeship (Lesser Poland Voivodeship).

"Made in Małopolska" is a project based on five key industries in the region: business, design, food, initiatives and places. The most valuable companies, initiatives and products are promoted.
We, as the first company in the furniture industry, received the title in the "Design" category.

The title "Made in Małopolska" underlines the origins of the company, but also confirms the quality and reputation of the manufactured products.

It is the furniture we manufacture that our Voivodeship Malopolska is mostly proud of!

We are very grateful for this distinction and we guarantee that “origins matter” which obliges us to represent Malopolska with honour in our timeless design and top quality products.